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**NOTICE: For price quotes and inquiries on all products, contact our office during business hours.  All emailed files must be in PDF format. If document revision is requested, design charges will apply. All products require a 48 hour turn-around time. Product requests that do not meet time restriction, may result in a delay of service. 


Laminating adds strength and durability to your project. Protect printed materials from tearing, smudging, dirt and stains. Strengthen printed materials to be handled repeatedly.

Get waterproofed by encapsulating your materials with laminating. We are able to laminate any paper size from 2’ x 3 ½ ‘up to 52” wide at any length!


We laminate double sided, trimmed flush to the paper, or encapsulated with a sealed edge.


  • Namebages

  • Wall/Desk labels

  • Any regular copy or special copy documents 

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